Teaching Tool

With the increase in technological development, equipment and supplies, new and better to replace the traditional teaching tools have been introduced.

The selected tool to teach both teachers and students should be based on merit and ability. Learning tools is a way that facilitates the communication of information and knowledge quickly and easily.

Important tool to teach the entire educational process plays a very important. Development technology and the rapid increase in the teaching methods and new tools and better led to the identification number.

In theory, especially regarding the transaction would normally require a traditional teaching tools. These items such as stationery, pens, pencils, eraser, books, sharpeners, pencil boxes and organizers.

Need practical ways to learn about telescopes, computers, microscopes, engineering machinery, test tubes and teaching tool that can use a variety of chemicals.

In contrast to this, interactive learning, case study or group discussion topics that require screen liquid crystal display (LCD), overhead projector and can use tools such as computers.

Introduction to the Internet for both teachers and students has proved to be a learning tool that effectively and efficiently. Now information on topics such can be easily found online.

In addition to the Internet, some software packages have been developed to help both teachers and students. TV, radio and newspapers to provide information and knowledge has proven to be effective teaching tools.

In order to achieve optimal results, a combination of traditional and contemporary learning tools to be developed to facilitate effective learning.